Basic dimensions

We can produce air springs of various sizes. Our air spring has a variety of diameter ranges, can handle different force ranges, can use up to 1 meter journey! This ensures that we can produce parts that meet your needs, whatever they are.

Approximate Weight of Air Spring:
Air spring size Approximate weight
6-15 Up to 10kg
8-18/19 10-40kg
10-23 40-150kg
14-28 150-350kg

Standard air spring dimensions:
Air spring size Range of stroke (pole length) Length range Force range Thread type
6mm Piston rod diameter-
15mm Diameter of steel pipe
60-200mm(Increment 5mm) 90-235mm(Increment 1mm) 50-400N M5x0.8
8mm Piston rod diameter-
18/19mm Diameter of steel pipe
60-300mm(Increment 5mm) 105-335mm(Increment 1mm) 100-650/850N M6x1.0
8mm Piston rod diameter-
23 Diameter of steel pipe
60-400mm(Increment 5mm) 105-440mm(Increment 1mm) 150-1200N M8x1.25
14mm Piston rod diameter-
28mm Diameter of steel pipe
60-500mm(Increment 5mm) 155-555mm(Increment 1mm) 200-2500N M10x1.5

As a guide, we recommend using the following table to determine which air spring is most suitable for your application. About the size of our product series Information, including other information about shields, ordinary shields and our standard series of air springs, can be found on the product pages. Get more detailed size information.
We can produce air springs beyond our standard range, with different sizes and operating characteristics. Please call +86 (0574)88768907 Contact our experts or email to discuss your requirements.

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