What to do and what not to do

Here are some suggestions for designing applications and installing gas springs:

Please install our air springs in pairs to prevent side loading.
Please install our pneumatic spring rod downward to ensure that the main rod seal is always well lubricated, which ensures that the oil is positioned in the right direction. The exact location so that you can benefit from the end of the stroke damping. When releasing the pressure of Vari-Lift pneumatic spring, always arrange a small number of rows. Exhaust gas, so you are unlikely to degasse the spring beyond the required pressure. It is recommended that the air spring be kept on the rod during storage. Up.
Ensure that all of our end fittings are tightened to the air spring, as this reduces the interruption of threaded studs during operation. The possibility of fissure.
Use spherical end fittings whenever possible, as this reduces the risk of side loading of the air spring. Whenever spherical joints are used When the head is in use, make sure that the ball joint bolt is screwed into the application until the wrench plane.
Air springs are always recommended when weights are lifted to allow operators to enter below them. This is to ensure that the operator Safety of air spring when overloaded or misused.

Here are some suggestions for you not to use air springs:

Do not apply solvents on air springs, as this will flush the lubricant on the piston rod and reduce sealing performance, resulting in Seals fail prematurely.
Do not spray the air spring, because the air spring will be transferred to the piston rod, the piston rod may pass through the main rod seal of the air spring and Cause seal failure.
Do not clamp the piston rod in any way, as grooves or damage can cause oil and gas to leak out of the gas spring.
Do not apply anything on the piston rod, as this will cause the main rod seal to fail during the cycle.
When the gas spring acts as a pressure vessel, do not pierce or heat the gas spring.
If used correctly and in accordance with our strict rules Air springs are very safe in manufacturing and engineering procedures.

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