How to install air spring in my application?

Standard gas springs should always be installed on the rod to prevent premature seal failure and provide end-of-stroke damping. It is also recommended that air springs be installed in pairs to prevent lateral loading.

Can you assist me in installing the air spring in the ideal position so as to provide the best operation for my application?

For information on gas spring applications, please refer to our typical application page, including our "Application Consulting Table" link. Our services can help you install gas springs in applications.

Is there any literature on the products you provide?

Please refer to our download page to see the scope of the literature you can download.

I am currently purchasing an air spring from your competitor. Can you match our current supplier's air spring with your own?

If you send us the details of the current parts, we will match your gas spring as much as possible according to the information given. In order to better match, please send us your gas spring samples. We will use our internal testing equipment to collect detailed information about your current gas spring. With this information, we can produce air springs that meet all your needs.

Can I have my company trademark and brand on the gas spring or my own part number?

We can print alternative symbols on our gas springs, including different part numbers and different drawings. Symbols must contain health and safety information, as well as batch numbers and dates of parts to allow traceability of parts. To discuss the symbolic options available, contact our pneumatic spring specialist at +86(0574)88768907 or send an e-mail to ENGINEER2@LIPINGE.COM.

What colours are available?

Our carbon steel air springs are standard with black finishes, and our stainless steel air springs are natural finishes. White is the popular color of air spring. White can also be used in our standard carbon steel air spring.

Is there a minimum batch?

We produce various batches of air springs. Our standard minimum order is 50 pieces. But please discuss with us what you want. Please, we'll see what we can do. Our distributors can supply batches less than 50 and distributors. These are Distributors can order parts of standard series directly.

Do you have spare parts in stock that I can order from the shelf?

Unfortunately, we do not provide a series of standard gas springs. We have a stock of them for immediate delivery because we produce them. Each gas spring is custom designed and manufactured according to your custom requirements. However, we offer standard series through distributors. Spare parts. Please refer to our dealer page and contact your local dealer.

What end fittings are best suited to provide the longest service life during use?

The most recommended end joint for gas spring is spherical joint, because it allows gas spring to have a large degree of freedom to move and prevent gas spring from being loaded laterally.

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