Technical data

Steel pipe

All steel pipes are made of low alloy welded precision steel pipes.


All rods are made of low alloy steel rods and ground to obtain the required surface texture and finish Nitrotec surface treatment.


The exposed steel surface is a standard black epoxy powder coating to improve wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


Use commercial grade mineral oil to achieve lubrication and damping


The power behind the gas spring is supplied by high purity nitrogen.

End connector

1. Low-alloy steel end joints are usually galvanized with transparent passivator, in accordance with RoHS and WEEE directives
2. Plastics and connectors are molded with glass-filled nylon
3. Zinc eyelets are made of commercial grade die-cast zinc +86 (0574)88768907, or sent e-mail to ENGINEER2@LIPINGE.COM.


1. Low alloy steel generally involves BS 970
2. Low alloy welded precision pipe conforms to DIN 2393
3. Steel end connectors are plated with BS 1706 and BS 3382 for threads
4. Nitrotec is a registered trademark of Lucas Industries Plc.

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