R & D Capability

We gather high-tech talents from all over the country, and set up a professional R & D team and product R & D test center. In 2019, we have invested 25 million yuan in technological transformation funds, trying to absorb innovative technology and create a spark of wisdom. By 2019, there are 47 engineers.
Technical Talents Number
Senior Engineer 5
Intermediate Engineer 12
Engineer 15
Technical Engineer 15
Total 47
In 2018, Lizhi introduced OA paperless office system and MES barcode reporting system, greatly improving office efficiency and production efficiency. At the same time,the 2D,3D PDM/PLM and other software systems also provide a more favorable guarantee for our technical team, making our technology and product performance more exquisite. These applications make the service of Deli full of professionalism and comprehensiveness!
Application software
Using Project Management
Software ERP,MES,OA
At the same time,the 2D,3D PDM/PLM and other software systems
By 2019, we have obtained 57 kinds of independent intellectual property rights, 18 authorized invention patents and 39 practical patents. Our products cover hundreds of automobile brands at home and abroad, and have been successfully applied to various models. The leading innovation strength has won the honor of national high and new technology enterprise, provincial engineering technology center (3a integrity enterprise), and participated in the establishment of automobile air spring Zhejiang manufacturing group standard. It has also been included in Ningbo "2025" intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprise, and the equipment manufactured has been rated as the first set of products in 2017 and 2018.
Achieved results Number
IPR 57
Authorized Patent 18
Utility Patent 39

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